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PS5 backwards compatibility is still being worked on as Sony investigate "complete compatibility"

(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

In the wake of the PS5 Holiday 2020 release date news yesterday, Sony has come out with more information about the PS5 backwards compatibility support for PS4 games; namely, that it's still working on it. 

Speaking to Famitsu, and translated by Japanese journalist @bk2128, a representative from Sony Interactive Entertainment's Public Relations unit stated that the PS5 "dev team is putting all power on verifying whether they can secure a complete compatibility. Please wait for more information."

We're presuming that "complete compatibility" simply means support for every single PS4 game across physical and digital media, as opposed to - for example - the Xbox One's backwards compatibility programme, which has a limited (but ever increasing) library of Xbox 360 titles that can be enjoyed on Microsoft's console.

Sony has previously stated that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games, but has stopped short of promising access to the discography of titles from the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, or original PlayStation consoles (unless, of course, you're counting current-gen remasters and PS4 ports). 

Essentially, there's still a lot of questions surrounding PS5 backwards compatibility, how it will work, the extent of the supported library, and whether it'll be a free feature, or part of Sony's PS Plus subscription service. While this small snippet from the interview doesn’t answer our questions, it does give us an indication of what Sony is aiming for. 

In more concrete news, Sony recently rebooted its PlayStation Now streaming service with new titles, a revamped pricing structure, and enhanced technology which now makes enjoying its library of games easier and more accessible than ever. 

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