PS3 Oblivion content not exclusive

The new Knights of the Nine questline featured in the PS3 version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will be made available for the PC and Xbox 360 versions also, the game's producer has revealed.

"We always aim to have all our content available across all platforms," producer Todd Howard told gaming site IGN when asked if the PS3 content would remain exclusive, "so [making it available for PC and 360] is our goal".

In fact, the PS3 version may end up a slightly poorer cousin to the other versions, as the downloadable content already available for 360 won't be included in the PS3 game, nor is Howard certain when it will be possible to offer it.

"Downloadable content is something we'd like to support on PS3, but right now that's really in Sony's hands... How Sony will handle this is still a little fuzzy to us, but it is our intention to make that content available for PS3 as soon as we're able."

So, hardcore Oblivion completists can breathe a sigh of relief - you won't need to shell out for a PS3 just to trudge over every last inch of Tamriel's questing grounds.

October 12, 2006