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Prey's The Corpse Vanishes - how to get into the morgue without a keycard

The Corpse Vanishes sidequest in Prey might be morbid - you are hunting down a dead body after all - but at the end of it when you get to the morgue, there’s a special chipset and some tantalising information about your time in the testing laboratory. Trust me: it’s worth it. The only problem is that halfway through getting the deceased Dr. Bellamy’s keycard is a bit tricky thanks to a stubbornly-locked door. But, obviously, there's a way in. Our video shows you precisely what to do. Aren’t we thoughtful?

Usually I’d be incredibly worried about anyone who wanted to get into a morgue quite this badly, but this is the exception. After tracking Dr Bellamy’s body all the way to the Psychotronics Morgue he’s finally within sight - the only thing standing in the way is a door. A locked door. 

To get in, you don’t need any fancy alien powers. Of course, you could smash the glass, then morph into something innocuous and jump into the morgue. But not everyone wants to have Typhon DNA running through their veins. There’s two choices for you here. Either smash the window then use the huntress boltcaster to shoot the switch in the morgue, or simply play a waiting game. Looking at the terminal just beside the morgue and reading the emails like a creep reveals that the Engineering Operator lets itself in every half hour, i.e. at 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30 - you get the idea. All you have to do is sneak in behind it. Prey uses real time, so you might want to do something else if you’ve just missed the half hour mark. Or you can camp by the door and wait patiently. 

Once you’re in, Bellamy’s body can be ransacked for his keycard in a thoroughly respectful manner. Now you have his keycard you can get into his cabin in the Crew Quarters, and find out precisely what kind of dodgy tests were being run on you. You also pick up three neuromods, some additional data about the Typhons, and a Polyshield CRU chipset for your suit, which grants increased protection against physical damage. Nifty.

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