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Prey just came out - aaaaaand it's been beaten in less than 20 minutes in an underpants speedrun

Prey's only been out since Friday, but one speedrunner has already managed to finish the game in just under 20 minutes. I expected speedrunners to have a good time honing their approach to this game, given how much it emphasizes the freedom to explore and think up clever solutions. But I really did not think the half-hour mark would get knocked down so quickly. And it's all thanks to liberal use of the GLOO gun and glitching through walls.

Spoiler warning: Before you watch the 19:34 long run in its entirety, know that it does show one of Prey's possible endings. It skips almost everything else in the story though - who has time for narrative when there are invisible walls to climb?

Now that you've seen a core sample of the game, read our Prey review-in-progress for a more holistic look at the experience. Don't miss our quick guides for tricky spots, either, including:

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