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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl fan trailer gives the games a different art style

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A Pokemon fan has redesigned the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl announcement trailer to give the games a different art style. 

The digital artist responsible for the new trailers @millenniumloops shared the video project on Twitter noting that “I spent the week doing this and reimagined the trailer to how I would have wanted them to be.” According to the video’s description, @millenniumloops used models from previous Pokemon games, along with some assets they created themselves.

The artist’s bio mentions that they dream of working with Pokemon developer Game Freak and this trailer is so impressive, we think that they could end up doing just that. See for yourself below.

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The new trailers have opted to give the Pokemon trainers a more realistic look, as featured in previous titles Pokemon Sword and Shield, instead of the cutesy chibi style that the actual developers went for. The trailer also shows the player choosing their starter Pokemon, gives a quick glimpse of the Sinnoh region champion Cynthia, and even ends on a shot of the Legendary Pokemon from the original Diamond and Pearl - Dialga and Palkia.

Other fans gushed in the comments of the reimagined trailer saying that: “It hurts getting hyped for this and then realizing it's not an official game…”

The gen four Nintendo Switch remakes Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl premiered during the Pokemon 25th Anniversary direct last month, alongside other upcoming Pokemon projects including Pokemon Legends: Arceus as well as a new gameplay trailer for Pokemon Snap. Even without impressive fan trailers like this, it's a good time to be a Pokemon fan.

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