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Play Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days way before anyone else

Updated June 29, 2010: The first batch of 500 Xbox 360 democodes are now available. UK and NI readers head to the bottom of the page to get yours. The code will not work until July 1, 2009,1pm GMT.

Want to be in on something special? Of course you do. Here's the deal. This week you could be part of an exclusive community playing Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days in the luxurious comfort of your own home. You could be one of only a select few gamers in the world given access to an Xbox 360 demo that shows off the game's single player and multiplayer.

This is a real velvet rope VIP red carpet gaming kind of deal. If you get in, your friends will be jealous and probably wish harm upon you.

What's in the demo? In addition to an entire single player level from story mode, there will be arcade mode and three multiplayer modes to check out. These are: Fragile Alliance, Cops & Robbers andUndercover Cop mode. That's a lot of content. And this demo is the *only* opportunity to sample in your own home the Undercover Cop and Cops & Robber modes before the game is released in August.

We've already played the demo and can say that if you like playing dirty, Kane & Lynch 2 has got you covered.

The 8-player Fragile Alliance mode pits gangsters against cops. Everyone starts as a gangster and the objective is to steal as much loot as possible and escape the heist alive. In the true spirit of dirty double-crossing criminality, gangsters can become traitors by killing their team-mates andstealing their money as well. To make it real interesting, dead gangsters respawn as cops, but dead traitorsdon't respawn at all. They stay dead. That's karma.

The all-new Undercover Cop mode plays similarly to Fragile Alliance, only this time one of the gangsters is assigned as a mole at the start of the match. Their job is to kill the alliance without revealing themselves to be the traitor. It creates a genuinely tense and paranoid, nobody trust anyone situation.

The final multiplayer mode, the up to 12-players Cops & Robbers mode, is more like a traditional team deathmatch, with cops trying to retrieve stolen cash from the robbers and the robbers trying to stop the cops from retrieving the stolen cash. Also, they are trying to kill each other.

As you can tell - the demo is generously stuffed and, like we said, you'll want to be in on it as it's going to be something special.

Registered GamesRadar readers who are over 18 and live in the UK or NI can download a demo code now from our Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days UK-only demo giveaway page.

The code can be redeemed in the Account Management area of Xbox Live from 1pm GMT on July 1, 2010.

Note: This is strictly a UK offer - tokens are not available to readers outside of the UK. Also, the magic age here is 18+. If you're younger than 18, sorry but you're not invited.

June 25, 2010