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PlanetSide 2 closed beta hits PS4 on January 20

Whatever keeps three factions locked in a bloody conflict to control Auraxis must be pretty great, because its two-year battle is about to expand to PS4. PlanetSide 2's PS4 version will enter closed beta on January 20, Sony announced on Wednesday.

Sony Online Entertainment has pledged to bring the free-to-play shooter to PS4 since before the system hit shelves. The PC version exited beta way back in November 2012, though it has changed quite a bit since then - including new weapons, vehicles, and a fourth continent.

'A few thousand' players will receive beta invites to kick off the tests, and more will roll out in chronological order - meaning the earlier you signed up, the earlier you can expect your invite to arrive. Better register now if you haven't already.

The developers will be seeking feedback for all aspects of the game, but make sure you pay close attention to how they translated the controls over for use on DualShock 4, including its touchpad. Don't worry about getting blown out of the water by more experienced PC players, either, as the player base will remain divided between platforms.

Connor Sheridan
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