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Outpost is another amazing sounding Star Wars game you never got to play

Oh look, another game of 'here's this cookie, watch me eat it in front of you.' Revealed in detail by an unnamed source to Eurogamer, the beautiful looking Star Wars Outpost was not only a cross between Star Wars and strategy board game Settlers Of Catan but also only four weeks from completion. Yes. Howl.

Outpost was in development for PC and mobile devices and, while initial descriptions likened it to Farmville, it was far more in depth and worked on by a team of 30 in LucasArts Singapore office. It was apparently cancelled before the Disney acquisition of LucasArts alongside adventure Star Wars 1313 - ouch, that still hurts - and Star Wars First Assault.

"The previous leaks mentioned a social game that was supposed to be Star Wars' answer to Farmville.This is absolutely wrong," a source told Eurogamer. "The best way to describe the game is if Star Wars met Settlers of Catan/ EVE. You would take control of an Outpost on a planet... The land on the planet was finite and so were the resources, so you were forced to search out and find other players. You had choices to either work with them or betray them for their resources."

The game was planned to run like an MMO and you could take over the Galaxy as you worked with either the Rebels or the Empire. As you can see there was plenty of art created for the game and the source says it was at 90% completion but considered too niche. So yes, this is why we can't have nice things. To cheer yourself up though, here's the future of free content coming to Star Wars Battlefront.

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