Our Idiot Brother trailer debuts

idiot brother

The first trailer for Paul Rudd’s new comedy Our Idiot Brother has just gone online.

Rudd plays the titular idiot, a scruffy-haired, impressively bearded dummy who gets himself into daft situations – like selling drugs to police officers. Oh, and he has a dog called Willie Nelson.

Providing what looks like very able support is a treasure trove of co-stars, including Steve Coogan, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer and Rashida Jones.

Check out the trailer below...

Though nothing in the trailer exactly screams laugh-til-you-wee-yourself, we’re hoping that’s because most of the juicy stuff is being saved for the film itself.

That said, Rudd looks typically on form in a rare lead role – think Jeff Bridge’s The Dude... only a whole lot stupider.

Our Idiot Brother opens in the US on 26 August. It’s yet to receive a UK release date.