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Ouch, looks like The Division's big update is wiping Xbox One characters

UPDATE: Ubisoft has identified the problem and has plans to bring the characters back, minus whatever stuff they may have earned since update 1.1 rolled out.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Division's big update went live yesterday, adding its first Incursion (think raid) and a bunch of new features. Although not everyone's getting to try it out because it appears the patch has wiped some people's characters.

The issue's been reported on Reddit where a request for platforms seems to suggest it's only affecting Xbox One users. What's happened is unclear, with reports of everything initially working before a Delta or Mike error heralds disaster. One forum post actually states someone was playing the Falcon Lost incursion before a Mike error kicked them out and their character disappeared. That's also an Xbox only thread, suggesting the problem is platform specific

Head over to Ubi's support twitter and you'll find a lot messages like this:

In fact that's pretty much all you'll find. Ubi say the issue requires "further investigation" and won't be fixed with an upcoming hotfix.

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