Official PlayStation Magazine gears up for 24-hour online marathon

At 08:00 tomorrow, Friday 27 February, the entire seven-strong editorial team of Official PlayStation Magazine UK will begin a 24-hour gaming session on the PlayStation Network. Why? Well, it beats working. And, more importantly, with the UK release of Killzone 2 they want to celebrate howmany decent online titles PS3 now boasts. Oh, and it’s a double XP weekend on COD4. Get in.

They won’t be playing on their own, either. Throughout the day various developers will be dropping in to play their own games with the mag. EA Vancouver will be playing FIFA 09, Criterion will be playing Burnout Paradise, and Infinity Ward will be playing COD4, among others.

Above: Sleep is for babies. Call of Duty is for men

And you can join in too. Each time the team switches games (rough schedule below) they’ll be clearing their friends lists. If you’re one of the first to chuck them an invite at the start of a new session you could end up smashing a few past them in PES 2009 (unlikely), giving them a beating at Street Fighter IV (they’ve not learnt all the new moves yet) or lapping them in Wipeout HD with Sony Studio Liverpool looking on (those hover cars do go *pretty* fast).

The plan is subject to last-minute changes, network disruptions, and random bursts of COD4 XP-whoring, but currently looks like this. To keep track of exactly what the team are playing, follow the updates on the magazine’s twitter account,OPM_UK.

Resistance 2
Crash Commando

PES 2009
Calling All Cars
Killzone 2
Wipeout HD
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

Burnout Paradise
Street Fighter IV
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Metal Gear Solid 4

Morning 2:
Team Fortress 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Call Of Duty: World At War

Their PSN IDs are: