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Set in October 1970, Nô moves between two storylines - - one set in Osaka, Japan, during the World Trade Fair, and the other in Quebec, following the enactment of the oppressive anti-terrorist War Measures Act.

In Osaka, Sophie (Anne-Marie Cadieux) discovers she's pregnant. Back in Canada, her boyfriend Michael (Martin) shows little interest, so the disturbed girl (unaware that martial law is in effect) embarks on a drunken liaison with the Canadian cultural attaché (Richard Frechette). Back home, meanwhile, Michael gets involved in a bumbling bomb plot to protest against the new laws.

Nô proves itself a sprightly, dense and entertaining slice of cross-cultural celluloid. But despite fine directorial flourishes, good ensemble acting and a well-crafted script, the subject matter will probably prove of very little interest to a British audience. Shame.


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