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Fancy an unlikely hybrid of The Howling and Gran Torino? You could likely do better than Late Phases but it’s all we’ve got in this sub-genre and, for all its flaws, it’s hard to dislike. Nick Damici earns a lot of the credit as Ambrose, a blind Vietnam vet who moves into an old-folks community only to find a werewolf’s on the prowl.

Ambrose’s old-school lack of BS and inventive ways around his lack of vision make for an inventive protagonist but ill-conceived one-liners sit awkwardly with the slow-burn tone; one senses a filmmaker clashing with a low budget, rather than making it a virtue.


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DVD release20 April 2015
DirectorAdrin Garca Bogliano
Starring"Nick Damici","Ethan Embry","Lance Guest","Tina Louise"
Available platformsMovie