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New StarCraft II lava maps are ultra hot

Blizzard Entertainment’s latest update for the StarCraft II’s multiplayer beta program was a big one. In addition to the usual unit tweaks for balancing purposes, the patch came packed with the new map editor, two new lava maps, multiplayer achievements, and avatars that hint at some of the characters who may appear in the Terran singleplayer campaign. Find out all about what’s new with StarCraft II as its summer release date draws nearer.

Incineration Zone

We were particularly excited to check out the new 1v1 map, Incineration Zone. The level looks great with luscious lava flowing in the background and smoldering cinders that sizzle and pop in the foreground. Check out the official description below.

Above: Incineration Zone is small enough to make for fast and fun 1v1 matches. But it’s also big enough to allow for a variety of strategies

Official Description:One main path leads to the enemy. Use of the Watch Tower and foliage will determine victory in the main path. Rocks protect an additional path useful for surprise attacks.

Above: The main ground path between thetwo main bases. The tall weeds prevent your opponent from seeing your units, while controlling the Watch Tower gives you a wide field of vision over the center of the map

Above: There are two breakable rock barriers between the back of your base and the rear of your opponent’s base

Above: If you like to wall-in and tech-up as the Terran, don’t forget to build a Supply Depot near the rear of your base so you don’t get surprised by a backdoor rush

Above: A very valuable natural expansion with Gold Minerals sits between both players. Controlling it will help boost your economy, allowing you to produce more units

Above: A natural expansion that's relatively easy to defend, sits at the bottom of the ramp from your main base

Scorched Haven

Unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance to explore all the ins and outs of the other new lava map, yet. Scorched Haven is a 2v2 map with lots of places to set up secondary bases. But the abundance of ledges suggests that strategies that involve transporting and teleporting your units will be key when on the offensive, while guarding your bases’ perimeters with detectors and anti-air units will be helpful for defending. As always, controlling the Watch Towers, which reveal a very large portion of the map will provide your team with advanced notice of your enemies’ movements. Check out the official description below.

Official Description:Defend the choke that leads into your team’s bases. Use the different elevations of terrain as well as the Xel’naga Watch Towers when going on the offensive.