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New Ocarina of Time 3DS screens and classic high-res art

Just one day after its official release date was announced (June 19), Ocarina of Time 3D returns to the spotlight with a batch of new screens and some deliciously high-res art we haven't seen since the N64 days. There's not much else to say, really - take a peek below and hit our viewer for thefull size versions!

Above: Link meeting Epona as a child at Lon Lon Ranch

Above: Gone fishin' - notice the extra detail on Link and even the fish

Above: Ganondorf's first appearance in Hyrule Castle

Above: Jabu Jabu, whose innards make up the third "dungeon." His insides look immensely better in the 3DS version, lots of extra detail and animations

Above: Moments before becoming adult Link

Above: A great close-up look at Link. That's the in-game model, compared to...

Above: This thing from the N64 era

Above: Perhaps the most memorable piece of art from the original. I recall it from a certain strategy guide

Above: The new box art for Ocarina 3DS

Above: Ganondorf atop his horse, staring down at a child Link

I spent some time playing the latest build of Ocarina 3D and can totally vouch for its beauty. I'vealready comparedthe N64 and 3DS versions to each other, but this time Nintendo itself had the GameCube port running side by side to fully show off the new levels of detail in the 3DS version. Strangely, it didn't provide shots of the village, which looks astonishingly better on 3DS.

For even more newness, check out theJapanese site, which dropped this piece of art not included in the US press blast

April 13, 2011