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New Mortal Kombat trailer tells us nothing new about Scorpion

WBGames continues its Mortal Kombat drip feed by releasing a teaser trailer that tells us what we already knew - Scorpion was killed by Sub Zero, then mysteriously re-animated to hunt and kill his icy nemesis. Why, I bet he'll stop at nothing to get his revenge!

Above: You'll learn more about Scorpion by listening to this awesome song by the Immortals

All snarkiness aside, the new MK doeslook and playa lot like the classic trilogy we used to love so dearly. The characters, moves and fatalities are all reminiscent of the series' better days, and the fan reaction during PAX was quite strong, so there's a solid chance this wayward franchise could get back on track. You know what might help facilitate this comeback? Videos that celebrate each character and show their growth and change throughout the franchise instead of one-minute "huh derp, Scorpion" trailers that say nothing. Just a suggestion!

October 18, 2010