New Bond Street

Although we’re still waiting for the announcement about the new Bond, Paul Haggis, the fella behind summer sleeper Crash, has been hired to rewrite Bond’s next adventure. And Haggis says he has a few surprises up his sleeve for Casino Royale, which will be directed by GoldenEye helmer Martin Campbell.

“We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28: no Q, no gadgets,” said Haggis at the Toronto festival. Break with tradition it may be but those with an obsession for the martini-slurping spy will recall that in Bond’s first outing, Dr No, he was indeed gadgetless and without a Q.

Haggis’ confirmation that Bond will be under 30 puts paid to chatter that Pierce Brosnan would return one last time after all, but still leaves the door slightly ajar for 37-year-old Layer Cake star Daniel Craig. At least those bloody Jason Connery rumours have stopped. We’d rather have Lee Evans, we really would.