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Never Mind The Doctor: Caption Compo

Bit of fun for Day Nine of the Countdown To The End Of Time. There'll be gags a-plenty flying around when David Tennant joins the Buzzcocks crew on Wednesday 16 December on BBC2 at 10pm, but we reckon you lot can come up with something just as good. Give us a great caption for the pic above (post your suggestions in the comments section below) and the one that tickles the SFX übermind the most will win a subscription to SFX (so remember to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win!)

Then tomorrow on the Countdown, we have another exclusive – an interview with Alexandra Moen, who plays Lucy Saxon (the Master's widow?) in "The End Of Time".

Every day’s Doctor Who day throughout December until the broadcast of "The End Of Time, Part One” on Christmas Day…

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