How to download the Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta on PS4

The Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta starts Friday, June 21, and if you're wondering how to get or download it, let us explain. The first Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta is for PS Plus subscribers only and begins June 21 at 3am PT / 6am ET / 11am BST and runs through Monday, June 24. A second Iceborne beta will run from Friday, June 28 through Monday, July 1and be available to all PS4 players. 

The full Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, and on PC later this winter so these beta's will give PS4 users a chance to play the expansion early .

How to download the Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta

You can download the Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta from the PlayStation Store. Either head to the Store on your PS4 and search for 'Ice' to find it, or head here to add it to you basket via browser.   

Most importantly you don't need the Monster Hunter World base game to participate in either beta, nor do you need to pre-order Iceborne or anything like that. If you're on PS4, you'll get to give Iceborne a try for free. 

What are the Hunter World Iceborne beta dates and times

  • Beta 1 - PS Plus exclusive -  June 21 to June 24, starts 3am PT / 6am ET / 11am BST
  • Beta 2 - open to all PS4 owners - June 28 to July 1 

What's in the Hunter World Iceborne beta

Both Monster Hunter World Iceborne betas will feature the same three quests and monsters: the classic intro monster Great Jagras, and two newcomers in the form of Banbaro and Tigrex. Banbaro is a brand-new brute wyvern coming in Iceborne, while the flying wyvern Tigrex has appeared in several Monster Hunter games but is just now coming to World. You'll also get to try the upgraded Slinger and its Clutch Claw attachment in the beta quests. 

Completing these quests in the beta will unlock "a total of three item packs containing helpful consumable items that will be available to use in the full version of the Iceborne expansion when it releases," Capcom said. The last time we had a World beta like this, the consumable award was mostly just potions and combine ingredients, so don't fret if you can't make the beta for some reason. You won't be behind when Iceborne is properly released. 

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