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Monster Hunter Tri: Complete monster and item drop guide [UPDATE]


Type: Herbivore
Threat: 2
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: Thunder

Item Drop
From Body: Raw Meat, Rhenoplos Shell, Monster Bone M, Rhenoplos Scalp, (High Rank Only) Rhenoplos Carapace

Let the Rhenoplos hit you and it will cost you. Their charge and stomp attacks can eat a chunk of you health. That said, their defenses are pretty easy to bypass if you approach them the right way. The key is to stun them and then assault their sides. To stun them go for their head. Though they're skulls are thickly armored, a good hit with a blunt weapon such as a hammer or shield will stun them. If you don't have such a weapon available, trick the Rhenoplos into charging into a wall or large rock. The impact will render them unconscious for a moment,allowingyou to hit their flanks.


Type: Bird Wyvern
Threat: 3
Weak Point: None Discernible
Elemental Weakness: Ice

Item Drops:
From Body: Qurupeco Scale, Qurupeco Feather, Monster Bone M, Vivid Feather, Strange Beak (High Rank Only) Qurupeco Scale+, Qurupeco Wing, Wonderful Beak
Quest Reward: Qurupeco Feather, Screamer, Flintstone, Vivid Feather, Strange Beak (High Rank Only) Qurupeco Wing, Qurupeco Scale+, Wonderful Beak, Wyvern Stone
Special Reward: (Destroy Beak) Strange Beak, Monster Bone M, (High Rank Only) Wonderful Beak, (Destroy Wing Flints) Qurupeco Feather, Flintstone, Vivid Feather, (High Rank Only) Wyvern Stone
Glitter Drop: Wyvern Tear, Qurupeco Scale, Qurupeco Feather

Trying to stand toe to toe with this guy is suicide. It has some powerful, close range attacks. Its flame attack in particular is really nasty; it will knock you down, eat a chunk of your health and set you on fire to continue soaking up damage. The good news is that a lot of these attacks, the flame one especially are easy to spot and avoid. Each attack generally comes with an easy to learn physical indicator. Before executing its flame attack for instance, it will clap its wings together, creating some sparks.

The second problem with Qurecuba is that it is endowed with some heavy armor. Its legs and the front portions of its wings are impervious to attack. This means you have to hit it from the front or from behind. Just dart in, get in a few quick hits and get out before it can counter. Also, Qurecuba has the ability to imitate other monsters voices and call them in as reinforcements. This can be annoying, but as long you stay on the move and keep your focus on Qurecuba itself it won't be much of a problem. It can actually help you because often enough the monsters it calls in will be just as aggressive toward Qurecuba as they are toward you. Take your time, be patient and Qurecuba will go down.


Type: Brute Wyvern
Threat: 4
Weak Point: None Discernible
Elemental Weakness: Water (When Muddy), Fire (When Clean)

Item Drop
From Body: Barroth Shell, Barroth Ridge, Barroth Scalp, Barroth Claw (High Rank Only) Barroth Carapace, Barroth Ridge+, Barroth Claw+
From Tail: Barroth Tail, Barroth Ridge, (High Rank Only) Barroth Ridge+, Wyvern Stone
From Head: Barroth Scalp, Barroth Ridge, (High Rank Only) Barroth Ridge+, Wyvern Stone
Quest Reward: Barroth Scalp, Barroth Ridge, Barroth Tail, Barroth Shell (High Rank Only) Barroth Ridge+, Barroth Carapace, Wyvern Stone
Special Reward: (Destroy Claws) Barroth Claw, Barroth Shell, (High Rank Only) Barroth Claw+, Barroth Carapce
Glitter Drop: Wyvern Tear, Fertile Mud, Barroth Ridge

Despite being a royal pain in the butt at times, Barroth is still one of the easier bosses to beat. A few things to note before taking it on. You need an upgraded weapon to beat it. Anything with a sharpness level less than green will just bounce off of its armor. Barroth is a also bit of a heavy hitter. Its blows will tear a chunk out of your health bar and generally knock you off your feet, leaving you vulnerable. That said, most of Barroth's attacks are really easy to avoid and come with some obvious warnings. For instance, before launching its deadliest attack, a charge followed by a tail-whip, it backs up and lowers its head. Once it gets moving it generally follows a straight line. Just jump out of the way, and when the coast is clear, attack!

There are other attacks to watch out for. He has a really annoying attack where he shoots out globs of mud that, if they make contact with you, will cover your body and make it temporarily impossible to attack. When he does this, you can treat it in one of two ways. The mud globs shoot away from his body so you can take it as an opportunity to get in close and attack. That said, if you do this, inevitably you will get hit, so you may just want to run away until Barroth finishes and then press your assault. Barroth's thick armor will make this a longer fight, but if you're smart and take your time it's very doable. Keep your weapon sharp, your health up, and your wits about you!


Type: Leviathan
Threat: Four
Weak Point: None Discernible
Elemental Weakness: Thunder/Fire
Item Drop
From Body: Gobul Hide, Gobul Spike, Paralysis Sac, Gobul Fin, Gobul Whisker, (High Rank Only) Gobul Hide+, Gobul Spike+
From Tail: Gobul Spike, Gobul Fin, Gobul Hide (High Rank Only) Gobul Fin+, Gobul Spike+
From Whiskers: Gobul Whisker, Gobul Spike, Gobul Hide
Quest Reward: Gobul Hide, Gobul Spike, Paralysis Sac, Gobul Whisker, (High Rank Only) Gobul Hide+, Gobul Spike+, Gobul Fin+, Wyvern Stone
Special Reward: (Destroy Lantern) Gobul Lantern, (High Rank Only) Gobul Lantern+
Glitter Drop: Wyvern Tear, Paralysis Sac, Gobul Spike

If you didn't already hate underwater combat, Gobul will make you despise it. To begin with, Gobul can be a pain to find if you don't know what you're looking for. It can change its body color to camouflage itself against the river floor. To find it, look for bursts of small, yellow bubbles floating up toward the surface. Taking on Gobul is mainly a defensive battle. Underwater your decreased mobility makes it near suicide to try and stand toe to toe with the thing. The key is to keep moving, and not be greedy when it comes to attacking. Unless you're already engaging Gobul it's best to keep your weapon sheathed to increase your mobility and just draw it when you need it. Gobul has several attacks that are annoying and hard to avoid. It has a basic charge that can be tricky mostly because its big and fills a large portion of the screen. Its tail swipe attack can leave you paralyzed, and it likes to puff itself up so and roll over you. Avoid these attacks and when the chance arises attack its belly. Don't attack its back, as it will hit you with retractable spikes if you do so. Also, try to take out the lamp dangling from its forehead. It's a small target, but Gobul can use it to stun you with a blinding flash.Gobul can also fight on land, which you should capitalize on should it choose to do so, becauseIt's far more vulnerable out of the water.


Type: Bird Wyvern
Threat: 2
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: Fire
Item Drop
From Body: Baggi Scale, Bird Wyvern Fang, Monster Bone S, Baggi Hide, (High Rank Only) Bird Wyvern Bone, Sleep Sac

Look familiar? The Baggi is basically just a tougher form of the Jaggi and should be fought similarly. They will attack in swarms, so just work your way through them one a time. The biggest difference between the Baggi and Jaggi is that the Baggi is more aggressive. Where the Jaggi will spend more time hissing and basically trying to scare you off, the Baggi will attack quickly and keep on you until you kill it, or it kills you.