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Dying Light mods will get multiplayer and terrain editing support

You can already make zombie football, darts, and hedge mazes in Dying Light's mod tools, but soon you'll be able to do even more. Techland revealed in a video teaser that upcoming updates will add multiplayer support, importing custom models, and terrain creation and editing.

That means you'll no longer be limited to Harran's existing geography - or to ramshackle environments built from individual props - for staging your mods.Then just drop in that intricately detailed model of Buster Bunny you have sitting on your hard drive (yes, we all know about buster.obj), publish your mod , and try it out with your friends.

As you might expect, Dying Light's developer tools are available exclusively on PC, where they were patched in via a free update. Players are welcome to share all of their creations on the Steam Workshop.

Be sure to check out Techland's quick-start video tutorial if you're interested. It's six parts long, but each episode only lasts two-to-three minutes, so you'll be spawning inadvisable numbers of goons in no time.

Connor Sheridan
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