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Metroid Prime Trilogy: Complete Strategy and Cheats

Metroid Prime Trilogy is out, which gives you a great excuse to finally beat all three games, unless you bought a GameCube instead of an Xbox or PS2, then you’re just re-beating them (with motion controls) – way to go.

Without knowing what your last-gen console of choice was, and in the spirit of hoping you never owned a GameCube, we tried to put together a giant guide to show you how to beat Trilogy, but it’s impossible. Trilogy is three separate (and very good) games. No single guide could possibly contain all the information you’d need to beat them. Instead of toiling into infinity building an eternally-scrolling text file to guide you through the trilogy, we decided to expertly repurpose our existing materials on much shorter notice.

Click on the header to go to our most excellent cheat pages, or click on another image to go somewhere else, obviously.

Okay, you should be able to beat the whole trilogy now. Since we can’t guide you anymore, we figured we’d throw in alittle history. That oughta do it. Enjoy!

Aug 25, 2009