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Metroid: Other M site updates with slick mini-retrospective

Nintendo's official Japanese site for Metroid: Other M hasjust updatedwith a lovely video that encapsulates the story up to this point. The game was supposed to release in just a few weeks, so consider this something of a consolation prize.

Oh, right. It's in Japanese. Sorry about that. We know it's a first-person account from Samus, who is recalling the first three games and their relevant plot points. This is by no means a translation, but I bet it goes something like this:

Metroid: Samus Arantravels to planet Zebes, defeats Mother Brain and her space pirate cronies, who had begun using deadly parasitic creatures called Metroids as living weapons.

Metroid II: This Game Boy-only sequel sends Samus to the Metroid homeworld, where she attempts to eradicate the entire species. After stomping the queen Metroid, Samus comes across one lone baby Metroid, who mistakenly believes Samus is its mother. Unable to fully commit genocide, Samus allows the baby to come along.

Super Metroid: Another Zebes appears along with a revived Mother Brain, who has once again managed to collect Metroids for ill use. Samus tries to confront Brain again, but is sorely outmatched. Just asSamus isabout to die, the baby Metroid (now all grown up) flies in for the rescue and buys Samus enough time to make the kill.

Other M: Samus believes the baby is dead, but mysterious signals from space suggest it may be alive - or someone knows where it could be.

This isn't the first time Nintendo's Japanese sites beat America's to the punch. Super Mario Galaxy 2 had a ton ofupdatesthat were supposed to be secret in other territories, so if you're following Other M, be sure to check this site regularly.

Of course we'll be seeing more of Other M at E3 2010 in just a couple of weeks, so check back with us too.

June 3, 2010