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Mario speedrunner attempts to recreate his record in front of Miyamoto... and doesn't

Speedrunning is great fun. But it's probably less fun when you're asked to recreate a perfect run of Super Mario Bros in one attempt while Shigeru Miyamoto is standing right beside you. Eek. But that's exactly what Andrew Gardikis was asked to do at a recent Nintendo event at the Nintendo World Store celebrating 25 years of Super Mario. It was a near impossible task. But how did he fare?

OK, so he didn't even finish the game, but it was a valiant effort. Quite how he was able to even hold the Wii-mote with those sweaty hands is beyond me.

Above: Miyamoto looksimpressed, but likely dreading the post-attempt handshake

In case you're unfamiliar with Andrew's five-minute speedrun of Super Mario Bros,here's his amazing record-breaking original run:

It's still a phenomenal achievement. Five minutes is a devilishly short time to finish the game, butremember that means five straight minutes of flawless gameplay. Even if you know a game inside out, that's pretty damn hard.I wouldn't have expected him to be able to do it in one go from cold under regular conditions. In front of Mario's creator himself? No way.

It's amazing how one little change of circumstances can turn even a moderately decent speedrun into a shambling mess.As we found out with ourextreme speedrunning video.

08 Nov, 2010


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