Sonic 4 extreme speedrunning

I've been playing Sonic 4's first act all weekend to get the fastest time possible on Act 1 of Splash Hill. It's a magnificent game for speedruns as it's so consistent and fair. But how fast can I do while 'speed running' myself? Cundy and I headed down to the canal-side path with my iPad to test this new technique. Here is the result...

I think this could take off as a new way to challenge your mates. Not only does it test your gaming skills to the limit, it also keeps you fit. Awesome. Not so awesome is the risk of tripping, falling, lamp posts, dog poo, pedestrians, muggers and simply dropping your most prized shiny thing. So don't blame us if it all goes horribly wrong. We're *cough* professionals.

Check back tomorrow to see how I got this on the PS3 version:

Above: A real speedrun. See it tomorrow on GamesRadar

11 Oct, 2010

Justin Towell

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