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Looks like Resident Evil 7 might have 4 pre-order bundles teasing gameplay options

It's not a huge surprise that a game has pre-order options, you can't get away from it these days. However, four Resident Evil 7 packs have apparently leaked via a German retailer and seem to suggest some gameplay mechanics.  

The Survival Packs come in four varieties: Recovery Set (herbs), Handgun Set (bullets), Burner Set (gas canisters and what look like firelighters) and a Chem Fluid Set (um... chemicals of some kind). 

Here's what they look like: 

Now, we know a load of Resident Evil 7 combat details from a ESRB leak that specifically mentioned pistols and flamethrowers, although the chem fluid stuff's a bit of a mystery (crafting maybe?). Presumably these different packs will give you more starting equipment, herbs aside, for different weapons. 

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Leon Hurley

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