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The New SFX

It’s not just the SFX website that’s regenerated, the only Doctor we'd enjoy a visit from has too and we’ve got a world exclusive look at the new series

Lovely 3D cover!

Didn’t you know? 3D is the future of cinema! OK maybe not but when done well it can improve the experience no end. So we applied that principle to the latest cover of SFX and, wouldn’t you know it, we think that Cameron chap’s on to something, because our world exclusive photo shoot with the latest Doctor and Companion – Matt Smith and Karen Gillan – has resulted in one of our best covers in (almost) 15 years. Best of all, it’s lenticular so you don’t have to wear any goofy glasses to bask in it’s glorious poky sonic screwdriver action. You can even read a behind-the-scenes snippet about the photo shoot in our huge 10 page Who blowout.

Note: because our new cover is brilliant enough already there won’t be any coverline free copies for subscribers this time, sorry.

Returning for it’s first full series in over two years to say we’re a little bit excited about the debut of Doctor Eleven Matt Smith, new Companion Karen Gillan and newly appointed head writer Steven Moffat would be and understatement of timeless proportions. The only thing for it? An enormous, 10-page on set exclusive from the new series, packed with insights and secrets from Who maestro Moffat.

The big bright superhero spotlight might be firmly focused on Iron Man 2 as far as most of the world’s media is concerned, but anyone in the know will tell you Kick-Ass is going to be the comic book flick 2010 will be remembered for. Adapted from the comic by Wanted scribe Mark Millar, do you really need to know anything more than it features a 12-year old girl slicing limbs off heavies that the red-tops are already on the war path about? Read our exclusive interviews with the cast and crew then the definitive SFX verdict on the best (albeit the first) Superhero movie of the year so far.

The SFX Weekender

Dozens of behind the scenes pics from the recent two day sci-fi experience. See the stars looking fabulous, see the costumes looking incredible and see the team looking, err, a little bit awkward actually. And for anyone who was there keep your eyes peeled because you might just catch a glimpse of your own beaming phizog. Is that even a word anymore?

Videogame Overload

If you’re not playing videogames right now you’re missing out on some of the best SF experiences currently in the ether. With so much on offer though and so little time let us guide you through the big hitters still to come in 2010. Also featuring an interview with Mass Effect 2 developers Bioware, the team responsible for the second Iron Man game and what the future of gaming has in store (we’ll give you a hint, it’ll involve a lot of waving your arms about).

SFX recently went on set for the final season of the BBCs time-travel cop drama, and after a brutal 7-hour interrogation of the shows stars Philip Glenister, Keeley Hawes and writer Matthew Graham we’re happy to report you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Clive Barker

We dare to open the box and take a look back at the career of the high-priest of horror, everything from the Books Of Blood to Abarat , no bloody hook is left untouched in our extensive retrospective.

He might have been the master of suspense, but in a career spanning more than 50 years Alfred Hitchcock made just one SF film, so savour this tasty morsel because it might be the last time you’ll see the legendary director on the pages of SFX for a very long time. Or he could be in next month, we like to keep you on your toes like that.

We can rebuild him… hang on wasn’t that last month? That’s right because the latest gripping instalment of Time Machine takes a look back at possibly the most successful sci-fi spin off of all time – The Bionic Woman . And before you ask, no it’s not 2007 version we’re talking about, we like to pretend that was all a bad dream.


Supernatural’s super angel, befuddling SF author Alastair Reynolds and Caprica’s smokin’ hot Cylon Alessandra Torresani didn’t know what they we’re getting themselves in for when they agreed to be profiled. A darn good interviewing that’s what.

Book Club

Winterstrike author Liz Williams tucks into some Rice, Ann Rice that is, as she looks back at one of the most influential undead novels since Bram Stoker put pen to paper – Interview With The Vampire .

He might have survived the Second World War but will he survive a Hollywood surgical strike. You let us know what those movie types need to do to bring Cap onto the big screen in the 21st Century.

Spoiler Zone

Thank the stars, the Christmas break has ended! Never leave us like that again SF TV! Unfortunately a combination of the Olympics and network executives that seem to think huge gaps in the middle of show runs is a good idea means Spoiler Zone will be a little underfed next month as well. But we’re living for the here and now and this month we’ve got definitive first verdicts of returning shows Lost and Chuck as well as new Battlestar spin-off Caprica . The final ever episodes of Dollhouse also line-up for judgement as well as continuing shows Supernatural , Being Human , Fringe , Survivors , Heroes , Smallville , Medium , Vampire Diaries and Ghost Whisperer .

Plus! Don’t touch, it’s too hot to handle:

BIG SHOT : The most disgusting Big Shot yet? We’re betting yes as Gurndha Chadha makes her debut on the pages of SFX with new fantasy rom-com It’s A Wonderful Afterlife .

FREEZE FRAME : After making the most successful superhero movie of all time with The Dark Knight , Christopher Nolan had the world at his feet. Fortunately for us sci-fi fans then he’s taken the opportunity to craft his dream project – “a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind”. We still have no idea what it’s about after this trailer mind.

  • Remember ace children’s game show Knightmare? We couldn’t think of a single way to improve it’s enjoyable blend of puzzling and blood curdling tension (ok it wasn’t that bad, it was a kids show after all). Until now that is because the makers of Mission:2010 , including Sarah Jane writer Phil Ford, have improved the formula no end by adding a whopping great robot into the mix. Only question is how are we going to get out of work on time to watch it?
  • Roll up, roll up new, erm, news on the second season of Misfits fresh from behind the scenes at the SFX Weekender as well as the first word on internet only Supernatural spin-off Ghostfacers .
  • Spider-Man teaming up with Doctor Strange? Better believe your eyes in new title Spider-Man: Fever , featuring the return of London artist Brendan McCarthy.
  • We’ve seen the future and it’s kind of retro looking, at least it is in Matthew Vaughan’s distinctive short Reign Of Death , starring Who veteran Noel Clarke.
  • We speak to Seth Green about the future of Robot Chicken , Peter Serafinowicz about his love of SF and check in with beloved Catweazle star Geoffrey Bayldon .
  • After a lengthy hiatus V returns to screens soon and we find out what’s instore from new showrunner Scott Rosenbaum.
  • Don’t miss: Goldfinger on the radio! New Model Army by Adam Roberts! The Electric Ant comic! Birds Of Prey ! Repo Men !

RATED: Kick-Ass , Legion , Paranormal Activity , Triangle , Alastair Reynold’s Terminal World , Hellblazer: Pandemonium , Star Trek Online .

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Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.