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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Homicide Case 5: The Studio Secretary Murder

Investigation: PawnbrokerInvestigation: Crime sceneInterrogation: John F. JamisonInvestigation: Levine's Liquor StoreInterrogation:RobbinsInterrogation: Grosvenor McCaffreyAt Rawling's Bowling AlleyInvestigation: McCaffrey's apartmentInterrogation: James TiernanInterrogation:Grosvenor McCaffrey, part twoInterrogation: James Tiernan, part twoInterrogation:Grosvenor McCaffrey, part three

Investigation: Pawnbroker

All you need to do here is examine the two rings.

Tilt the one on the left until you can see its maker's mark, as shown below:

Then, tilt the one on the right until Cole focuses in on its hallmark (the engraving that says "22k").

Investigation: Crime scene

Start out by talking to the coroner.

Next, startexamining the body.Look closely ather head for a good look at the blunt-force injury, as well as signs of a vagrant lifestyle.

Next, examine her right hand for signs of another ring being pulled loose.

After seeing to the body, look just up the track for the victim's possessions.

There are three to examine: a handbag, a matchbook and a receipt.

Inside the handbag, you'll find the top half of a letter from the victim's mother.

You'll also find her employee I.D. card.

Check the receipt, and you'll find a list of personal items.

Finally, look at the matchbook to get an address for Mensch's Bar.

Before moving on, talk to witness Nelson Gaines at the far side of the crime scene.

He'll point you to John F. Jamison, who has an important clue in his possession.

Interrogation: John F. Jamison

When asked about Interference with evidence, Jamison proves himself a dumb, guileless creep by telling the Truth.

Next, ask him about the Discover of victim's body, and Doubt what he has to say.

Before leaving the scene, usethe nearby gamewell to get an adress for Levine's Liquor Store.

Investigation: Levine's Liquor Store

After Robbins leads you back to Evelyn's shabby quarters, start by investigating the pile next to her mattress.

Examine the picture, then pick up the book.

Open the book to reveal an important clue.

Next, head over to the opposite corner of the room.

Examine the bowling pin until Cole zooms in on the Rawling's logo.

Next, examine Evelyn's nameplate and, just for kicks,the award statue.

There's also another photo you can check out on the other side of the little room's doorway, but it won't yield any clues.

Interrogation: Robbins

When asked about his Contact with victim, Robbins tells the Truth.

Ask him about his Relationship with victim, however, and he'll... tell the Truth again.

Finally, ask him about his Knowledge of McCaffrey. This time, you should express Doubt to get the full story.

Interrogation: Grosvenor McCaffrey

Head over to Mensch's, and you'll meet this self-styled revolutionary/intolerable douchebag.

When asked about his Criminal history, Grosvenor seems evasive. Doubt his story.

Ask him about his Relationship with victim, however, and he'll flat-out Lie.

Reveal his duplicity with the Book you found among Evelyn's things.

At Rawling's Bowling Alley

Just in case you somehow missed it, your goal here is to chase after the guy who goes sprinting through the background while you're talking about Tiernan.

Use the siren and let Rusty take out his tires, though, and the ensuing chase should be short and easy.

Investigation: McCaffrey's apartment

Having a suspect in custody doesn't mean you're done, though. At McCaffrey's, focus on thetwo key points of interest below, starting with the desk:

On the corner of the desk, you'll find the bottom half of the letter from Evelyn's mom.

Next, search what appears to be a pile of laundry on the floor.

Examine the tire iron until Cole zooms in on its Rawling's logo.

You can also examine the shirt if you want, although it's not vital.

Head up to the roof for a quick chase scene, and then head off to Central to question your suspects.

Interrogation: James Tiernan

Ask him about his Relationship with victim, and James will try to cover it up with a Lie.

Show him you know better by trotting out Victim last seen.

When asked about Victim's book found, Tiernan tries to hide something. Slap him with some Doubt.

When asked about an Alibi for James Tiernan, James Lies again.

This time, counter with the Liquor purchase.

Finally, ask him about his Access to murder weapon. Again, you should Doubt what James tells you.

Interrogation: Grosvenor McCaffrey, part two

Ask Grosvenor about the Alibi for McCaffrey, and he'll Lie in that smug way of his.

Tear his deceit apart by showing him the Torn letter.

Next, ask him about his Access to tire iron. Again, he's a liar. He Lies.

Counter his smarm with Tiernan's accusation.

Before you head back to talk to Tiernan some more, use a phone to get the dirt on McCaffrey.

Interrogation: James Tiernan, part two

There's one more question you have to ask Tiernan, about the Events prior to murder. When you bring them up, he'll Lie.

To counter his denial, bring up McCaffrey's accusation to make him break.

Interrogation: Grosvenor McCaffrey, part three

Even though Tiernan might seem like the likely culprit at this point, there's one last question to ask McCaffrey, about his Military service. Unsurprisingly, he'll Lie.

You've got the goods on him, though. Counter with McCaffrey's criminal record.

Again, Tiernan may seem like a likely culprit at this point. However, there's only one outcome that's going to net you five stars, and that's if you charge McCaffrey. Level your accusation against himand move on.

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