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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Traffic case 2: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Investigation: Ray's CafeNewspaper 3Interrogation: Shannon PerryInterrogation: Dudley LynchChasing William SheltonInterrogation: Lorna Pattison

Investigation: Ray's Cafe

Start out by examining the body.

Take a look at his face and hands if you want to, then check his left inside pocket for an insurance letter.

Check his right inside pocket, and you'll find his wallet and I.D.

Moving on, examine the huge smear of blood on the asphalt:

As well as the smaller splatter where the victim was hit:

Next, take a look at the skidmarks where the car tried to stop.

Finally, duck around the side of the bar and check out the trash cans in the alley.

After pulling out the bloody knife, turn it until Cole can read the Sta-Brite logo.

Newspaper 3

Before interviewing anyone, head inside the bar. The next newspaper's out in plain sight, right next to the bartender.

Interrogation: Shannon Perry

When asked about her Eyewitness report, Shannon will tell the truth. Believing her storyopens up a new topic, Argument overheard.

When asked about the Suspect vehicle description, Shannon will again tell the truth.

When you ask her about Argument overheard, however, she'll look like she's hiding something. Hit her with an accusation ofDoubt.

Interrogation: Dudley Lynch

When you ask him about the Hit and run incident, Dudley will look shifty. Doubt him.

When asked about his Association with victim, however, he'll actually tell the truth.

He's more slippery when you ask him about the Argument overheard in bar. Hit Doubt again. This opens up a new topic, Joint business venture.

When asked about Joint business venture, Dudley's smarmy expression is easy to see through. Doubt him once again.

Before you go, use the phone at the back of the call in the partial license plate Shannon gave you.

Chasing William Shelton

Again, one of the quickest ways to miss out on a five-star rating is by racking up a ton of damage, so do your best not to hit anyone or anything except Shelton. If all else fails, just tail him to Union Station, where he'll give himself up.

Interrogation: Lorna Pattison

Ask Lorna about the Hit and run incident. She's too smug to be truthful, so you should Doubt her story.

When asked about the Nature of argument, Lorna holds something back again. Doubt her one more time.

Her answer to Partnership with Leroy Sabo, however, is an outright Lie.

When prompted for evidence, slap her with the Insurance letter.

Before you leave the house, feel free to use the phone in the next room to get a message from the coroner.

Visit the coroner for a less-than-startling revelation. Once you're done, head back to the Pattison residence for a final footchase and a successful resolution. (NOTE: It doesn't matter if that resolution comes with a warning shot or a dead perp, although going for the warning shot is an excellent chance to get the Not So Hasty 15G Achievement/Bronze Trophy.)

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