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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Vice Case 3: Manifest Destiny

Investigation: 111 ClubInterrogation: The HostessInterrogation: Elsa LichtmannInterrogation: Mickey CohenInvestigation:Hollywood Police StationInvestigation: Bus shooting sceneInterrogation: Felix AlvarroInterrogation: Jack KelsoInvestigation: Robert's Diner/Alleyway Crime SceneNewspaper 9Grauman's Chinese TheaterInvestigation: Hollywood Post OfficeInterrogation: Courtney Sheldon

Investigation: 111 Club

Once you're set loose in the 111, check theclub's officefirst. This won't yield many useful clues, but it will make certain things later in the case make more sense.

Start by checking Eddie McGoldrick's body, although you won't find anything on him apart from a lot of bullet wounds and blood.

Next, check Eddie's safe to note that the motive wasn't robbery.

Once you're done in theoffice, head out into the club proper and get a look at the body of Bowe,slumped against the bar.

Next, plod over to the area in front of the stage to examine the third corpse, Bittleston.

Check his right pocket for a familiar little cardboard box:

Next, walk over to the case sitting in the middle of the floor.

Open it up, then pull out and replace thethree mouthpieces in order, from smallest to biggest.

Do it right, and you should open a secret drawer in the side of the case.

Take a look at the Blue Room ticket for a lead on where to go next.

Then, check Bittleston's syringe for another clue.

Finally, head past Bittleston and through the little doorway to the back room.

Check the crate inside for a cache of stolen army-issue cigarettes (and a new clue).

Next, check out the gun rack against the far wall.

Pick up one of the BARs and get a good look at its serial number on top.

Interrogation: The Hostess

When you ask The Hostess about the 111 Club shooting incident, she won't give you the whole story. Express your Doubt.

Next, ask about her Knowledge of McGoldrick. This time, she'll tell the Truth.

Interrogation: Elsa Lichtmann

Next, head to the Blue Room and talk to Elsa and her band.

When she answers your question about Army surplus morphine, the correct response is Doubt.

Next, ask her about the Morphine overdose victims. Once again, Doubt what she says.

This leads to another tailing mission. At least this one doesn't last for very long.

Interrogation: Mickey Cohen

Begin by asking Mickey about the Finkelstein drug operation. Doubt his response.

Next, ask him about the 111 Club shooting incident. You don't have anything on Cohen, so again, Doubt's the way to go.

Investigation: Hollywood Police Station

Head to the police station and talk with Detective Caldwell. When he hands you the ledger, just tap on all the red-circled text. Easy.

Investigation: Bus shooting scene

Next, head to the bus-shooting location. To take down the gunman, you can either dash right across his line of fire (risky), or left and up an adjacent alley. Either way, your destination is the rear of the building where he's perched. ONce he's down, examine his body.

The only usefulbit of evidenceyou'll find on him is in his right pocket.

When you're done looking him over, check the Browning Automatic Rifle he was using to read its serial number.

Interrogation: Felix Alvarro

When asked whether he was Informed of Coolridge heist, Felix looks a little sketchy. Doubt his answer.

When asked about the Motive for shooting, Felix will Lie.

Show him what was in the Sniper's pocketbook to scare him into compliance, and net yourself The Fighting Sixth Achievement/Trophy (15G/Bronze).

Finally, use the nearby gamewell to get the address of your next suspect, one Jack Kelso.

Interrogation: Jack Kelso

Start by asking Jack about the Army surplus morphine. Doubt his answer.

Next, ask him about Ex-Marine McGoldrick. He'll tell the Truth this time.

Ask him about the Arms stolen from Coolridge, and he'll tell the Truth again.

Ask him about the SS Coolridge robbery, however, and his answer will once again merit Doubt.

Investigation: Robert's Diner/Alleyway Crime Scene

This "investigation" starts off with a car chase. As always, use your siren and drive carefully, and you'll be fine. Don't worry too much about catching up to the car, though; no matter what, it'll always crash in the same place.

After you gun down the thugs, check the body of the one on the left.

Check his right pocket, and you'll find a note about a meeting that night.

Check his left pocket, and you'll discover a copy of the passenger manifest from the Coolridge.

Before moving on, take a look at the BAR the guy was carrying, and note the serial number.

Newspaper 9

There's only one other thing left to find in the Alleyway Crime Scene: the next newspaper.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Head to the theater, and you'll get pulled into yet another chase. Usual rules apply; otherwise, just gun down the suspects when you finally stop them. They don't have anything useful to contribute.

Investigation: Hollywood Post Office

Following the shootout, immediately check the body in front of you when you regain control.

Try not to be too creeped out by the fact that his face is still moving. When it stops, you'll have a new piece of evidence. This is also your cue to check his left hand for a Polar Bear Ice business card.

Next, run to the other side of the post office and check the alcove of P.O. boxes for another body.

Check his left pocket, and you'll find another note about the meeting. Guess that makes your next destination pretty obvious.

Head to the meeting location and get ready for another gunfight, this time against even more hoods.

Interrogation: Courtney Sheldon

Ask Courtney about the 6th Marines being targeted. For a guy who's come to turn himself in, he's awfully quick to Lie.

Show him the Note to let him know that you know he's in on the whole mess.

Next, ask him about the SS Coolridge robbery. Once again, he Lies.

Slap him with Beckett's confession, and the case is complete.

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