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Kombat Week: Readers strike back

We put the feelers out there to see if you readers had anything to say on the subject of an entire week of Mortal Kombat, and you responded beautifully! First up is something I put together, but it was based on a suggestion fromMarcus J.on Twitter that made me laugh. Everybody put on their sunglasses…NOW!

Next up, unofficial TalkRadar videographer, flabslapper whipped up a lovely little Fatality retrospective. It ain’t as comprehensive asours, but judging byall the shitwe did last week, we certainly can’t fault his choice of music.

Catwood took things in a different direction. And by “different,” I mean “drunk!”Boozery aside, he actually presents viewers with a fairly dope little quiz. First he describes an outlandish Fatality, then asks you to decide whether they’re real or fake. The answers... may SHOCK you!

And be sure to check out these M-Rated pics ofMK artistery!

Above: We liked Batman5273’s MK vs GR art so much, we made it the official front page art ofTalkRadar 147

Above: Whereas graboids decided only one member of GR was fit to don the MK cloth

Above: Bobbety and poiman teamed up to create a podcast plug most fierce!

Above: Is Sensationo sensationalizing the nerfing that occurred in MK vs DC? Dunno, but it made us lol in our pants

Above: DontMessWithMeImRunningOutOfPlacesToHideTheBodies modifies an unlockable joke from the Krypt with a staff member’s face, so it counts too!

Above:YES! Another winner from poiman... no matter whatthe hell it may mean

Thanks a million, everyone! See ya next theme week.

Apr 18, 2011

Two ninjas, 19 years of Mortal Kombat and one shared destiny


We examine the original arcade hit that corrupted minds and semi-started the ESRB