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Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations: where to find all of the hidden Mickey Mouse-shaped icons

Kingdom Hearts 3 - The Caribbean Lucky Emblems

From the Port Royal save point, walk down the pier then jump to the green rowboat on your right, away from the wooden platform. There's a lucky emblem on the end of it.


Turn left off the end of the pier and run all the way to the very end of the shore. Break a yellow crate to reveal this lucky emblem on a pillar.


Travel to the Port Royal Settlement save point and go down the steps to the beach. Go inside the hut immediately in front of you and look at the side of the box for another one.


Go to the main pier on the same beach. There's a lucky emblem on the other side of the hanging sign on the wooden beams.


Travel to the Port Royal Fort and head onto the roof. At the front are three piles of ropes in the shape of a lucky emblem, between some cannons.


Go down and inside the fort until you find a cannonball inside one of the open cells. There's a lucky emblem on the side facing the wall.


Out to the ocean now and you want to go to Isla Verdamontana first. Follow the route through the jungle until you come across a ledge that overlooks the water. In the water are three rocks in a lucky emblem formation.


Go to the Isle of Luck next and climb the pile of rocks. Turn around and you'll see three rocks that once again form a lucky emblem.


Horseshoe Island is your next port of call. By the archway that runs through the island, look for this lucky emblem made out of white rocks on the side.


Now you want Isla de los Mastiles, but rather than going for the main body of land, stop at the tiny circular island just west of it. Climb the large rock and you'll see three barrels in the lucky emblem shape.


Head to Ship's End next, where you'll find a seriously wrecked ship in a small cove. There's an emblem on the read of the ship poking above the surface.


Finally, you want to head to Sandbar Isle. Climb onto the island then jump into the water in the middle. There's a cave here with an entrance in the shape of a lucky emblem.


In the same body of water, look for this lucky emblem on top of a big pile of oddly coloured rocks, near some seaweed and coral.


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