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Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations: where to find all of the hidden Mickey Mouse-shaped icons

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Arendelle Lucky Emblems

For the first lucky emblem in Arendelle, spawn at the North Mountain Treescape and follow the path north until you come to a scalable wall which takes you to the Gorge. Take the first right turn and drop off to the ledge below with a treasure chest. The tree farthest to the left has a lucky emblem on.


When you enter the Labyrinth of Ice for the first time, the first lucky emblem you'll find is in a room with a bridge on it that seemingly leads nowhere. On the wall at the far end of the bridge is a lucky emblem.


Directly left of the Labyrinth of Ice Lower Tier save point is this lucky emblem at the end of a tunnel.


Climb up the tall tower with your shotlock, then turn around and go over the bridge. Look to your left for this lucky emblem in the wall.


On the Labyrinth of Ice Upper Tier, take the southern grind rail to a room with multiple pillars. Climb the central one to get an angle of this lucky emblem behind it.


Travel to the the North Mountain Ridge save point near where Elsa, Anna and Olaf are, then drop off a couple of ledges on the mountain. You'll find this lucky emblem on the cliff face right at the top of the scalable wall.


Go back to the North Mountain Ridge save point but this time, go through the entrance to the Frozen Wall. Carry on down the path past all the enemies that spawn until you reach a large scalable wall on your right. Take the left-most part of the scalable wall, then look for a small slope downwards. This lucky emblem is at the bottom of it.


Back to the North Mountain Ridge again, and once again go through the entry to the Frozen Wall. At the end of the initial path where all of the sharp icicles are, the one at the very end will have this lucky emblem on.


Move to the North Mountain Snowfield now and as you spawn, follow the path round to your left. Slide down the slope and scale the wall on the opposite side. Turn around and you'll see a lucky emblem faintly embedded in the snow on a jut in the cliff.


Spawn at the North Mountain Foothills then follow the path up through a whole bunch of enemies. When you reach the open area, don't drop down - keep following the small ridge to the end. This lucky emblem is formed by some logs near a cart.


Back to the foothills again but this time, turn around and go through to the part where you hid from the blizzard. In the first set of rocks, the lucky emblem is on the back of the final one.


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