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Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations: where to find all of the hidden Mickey Mouse-shaped icons

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Monstropolis Lucky Emblems

On the laugh floor at the start of Monstropolis, count the desks on the left until you reach the seventh. Attached to the clipboard on the desk is a green lucky emblem.


Turn around and go back to the laugh floor entrance. There's a big rolling clown sat by the line of doors. Attack it a few times to move it out of the way and you'll find this lucky emblem underneath.


Go to the second save point (the first in the Door Vaults) and take the long rail through to the next landing spot. Take a right past the grey elevator, and this lucky emblem is on the grey wall at the end.


Go to the Factory Basement save point and go through the white door on your right. Follow the path through the Door Vault - Lower Level to the wall of doors with the E7 wall on your right. Look to the left and take the brown door second from the left. Go under the archway and toward the banana flan monster, where you'll find a yellow lucky emblem in the doors on the back wall.


Go to the Factory Ground Floor save point by the yellow elevator and head back down the corridor. Just past the room with the monsters you'll find another lucky emblem underneath a window, before you take the stairs up to the right.


Turn around and go back towards the elevator. On the left, just before the Painting Room door, is a lucky emblem made out of pink paint.


Jump in the elevator and go up to the next floor, then follow the path and go past the orange staircase. Go through the door on your left to the large conveyor belt and look to the right where you'll find another one on the wall.


Head to the Power Plant Accessway save point and right in front of you on a desk is a blue helmet, with a lucky emblem on the filing cabinet right next to it.


There's a bit of a trek to get to this one. Spawn at the Power Plant Tank Yard save point then use the hook to go back up through the roof. Equip your shotlock to go even higher, then follow the path round to the left. Keep going and take the grind rail pipe, then drop down the ledge and cross the open area with the pipes. At the end of the next path, you'll find the lucky emblem above the door.


Go back to the Power Plant Tank Yard and climb the blue crates behind the CDA agent. From there, jump onto the orange platform and turn around. The end of three pipes form another lucky emblem.


Go to the Door Vault Service Area then head down the dark tunnel toward the Power Plant. Head up the first set of stairs in front of you and stand next to the CDA agent. You'll see another lucky emblem made out of an oil spill/puddle.


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