Itagaki working on exclusive PS3 DOA title?

The latest issue ofmagazine EGM has printed a rumor suggesting that Team Ninja is currently working on a PS3 exclusive game set in the popular DOA universe. No further details on the rumor were given, so we only speculate what Team Ninja (responsible for Ninja Gaiden and DOA games) is up to.

There are three obvious options; a new fighting game, a new DOAX volleyball game or a new Ninja Gaiden game. We don't think it would be a new Ninja Gaiden game though, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is nearing release and to release another one so quickly doesn't make sense. Unless it's Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Black.

Let the speculation continuein our friendlyforums. What would you like to see from Itagaki's crew?

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April 30, 2007