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Is Kojima teasing the theme of his next project over on Twitter?

(Image credit: Hideo Kojima (via Twitter))

To the absolute surprise and shock of a lot of people, Death Stranding was a PS4 exclusive that actually came out this year. You’d think, therefore, that the game’s creator and legendary auteur Hideo Kojima would be using the holiday period to relax in the wake of its recent release and fresh Game Awards win, but that’s not the case judging by his latest post on Twitter.

In it, Kojima makes clear that he was planning to get festive with a watch of the Paul Feig-directed Last Christmas, but eventually opted to stay in his office instead to work on his “next concept”. What is this so-called next concept? Well, Kojima is unsurprisingly playing his cards close to his chest, but there are still a few clues we can gleam from the reading material featured on his desk.

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Prominently displayed are two novels, The Dark Forest and Death’s End, both of which were penned by Chinese author Liu Cixin as the respective second and third entries of the critically acclaimed Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy. Now, it could be the case that Kojima is tucking into some Hugo award-winning sci-fi as a fan, but the fact that both novels are so prominently displayed in the shot, coupled with the tease, leads us to believe it could be something more.

First beginning in 2006 with the release of the first novel entitled The Three-Body Problem, The Remembrance of Earth’s Past series takes place within an alternate timeline where the Chinese government ramps up propaganda to let the nation enjoy significant rejuvenation in the scientific and technological spheres. All three novels take place against the backdrop of this immense cultural revolution, eventually centring on a story where China’s scientists invite alien life to visit Earth in the hopes of redeeming humanity.

Otherworldly themes and concepts such as this certainly wouldn’t be the first for Kojima, who has proven himself time and time again as a designer unafraid to tackle big questions in video game form. Rain that changes the flow of time? Check. Super-powered mechs capable of causing the Earth’s destruction? Check. It’s all just another day in the world for the famed Metal Gear creator.

Still, it’s nice to see that the wheels are already in motion for Kojima Productions’ next concept, even if it is clearly in its very early stages. However, when more information comes to light, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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