Internet cures PS3 viral site

Friday 13 October 2006
Cranking up the hype machine for PS3's November launch in America, Sony has launched a slick teaser site hiding away goodies behind a wall of PlayStation controller symbols.

Happily, its mystery hasn't survived the attention of the internet for long and curious gamers have quickly cracked its code and uncovered all the secret bits. Containing video, audio and wallpapers from various Sony PS3 titles, get clicking with this handy guide to see it for yourself.

Above: Here's how the site's symbols correspond to the letters of the alphabet - it's so obvious, right?

Using the alphabet above, tap in the following codes to get at the good stuff:

FACTORFIVE - Lair footage
FIRE - Lair footage
FANGS - Lair footage
KING - Heavenly Sword wallpaper
NARIKO - Heavenly Sword wallpaper
ANDYSERKIS - Heavenly Sword Tokyo Game Show trailer
MAYDAY - Warhawk wallpaper
MACHONE - Warhawk music clip
TEDPRICE - Resistance behind-the-scenes footage
NATHANHALE - Resistance behind-the-scenes footage
CHIMERA - Resistance wallpaper
MUSIC - Genji 2 music clip
HEISHI - Genji 2 wallpaper
EVOLUTIONSTUDIOS - MotorStorm footage
DUST - MotorStorm wallpaper
MONUMENTVALLEY - MotorStorm wallpaper

At least it's something to keep us occupied while Sony Europe's PS3 site sits twiddling its thumbs and awkwardly clearing its throat.