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Win! Five copies of the series one and two Blu-ray up for grabs

Zombie drama In The Flesh is one of the best things on the telly right now. Not been watching it? Firstly, for shame. Secondly, you might be interested to know that the complete first and second series boxset is available buy on DVD and Blu-ray from 9 June.

In The Flesh is the story of Kieren Walker, who became re-animated shortly after his death, during one freak night that saw thousands of the dead rise again. After months of rehabilitation and medication, the zombies (now known as Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferers) were re-settled in their homes.

Series one sees Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry, Anna Karenina ), who committed suicide five years ago, re-adjust to his new life as a PDS sufferer and returned to his home village of Roarton, where he has to face up to his family, the community and the terrible things he did in his untreated state.

Series two revisits Roarton nine months on, where the Living and Living Dead of the village have reached a fragile peace, but Kieren still struggles to find self-acceptance. In the wider world fear is in the air, provoked by violent extremism and whispers of a Second Rising. When these dangers erupt in Roarton, Kieren is caught in the crossfire and a quiet life is no longer an option.

Copies are available for pre-order via now, or you can try your luck at winning one of five copies on Blu-ray by answering the question behind this undead link .