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ilomilo walkthrough and achievement video guide

Sky Castle

1) Grab the first extend block to your right and place it on the last block on the straight path so that it extends upwards.

2) Switch to ilo, grab the extend block and use it to cross the gap in front of you.

3) Switch to milo, backtrack and grab the extend block closest to the starting location. Use the first carpet and stand on the highest block in the first section (it’s directly across from the plunger).

4) Switch to ilo, press the plunger button. This allows milo to grab the soundtrack gallery piece. Push the button again to send milo back to the section of blocks he started at. Use the extend block to bridge the gap that leads to the plunger block.

5) Switch to milo and cross the extend block to the yellow safka. Travel down the carpet to your original starting location. Continue forward along the path that loops around the large section of blocks to the purple safka. Place your extend block so that it projects outwards from the block the safka was standing on.

6) Backtrack, grab the remaining extend block from the starting platform, and place that alongside the previous extend block. Move milo to a block on the starting platform where ilo can get past him without uniting.

7) Switch to ilo, pres the plunger button once more so the block is removed from your path. Grab the extend block from earlier, use the carpets and place the third extend block on the same path as the others to create a long bridge to a hidden section of the level. Here you will find the green safka. Use the carpets in this section to locate the picture gallery piece. Head back and unite.

Great Tower of Goo

1) Move forward and pick up the block in front of you.

2) Switch to ilo, grab the extend block. Use it to bridge the two gaps ahead of you to grab the single block.

3) Use both blocks to bridge the gap to the right of ilo’s starting platform. This nets you another extend block.

4) Use all three blocks to the right of your current platform to reach the picture gallery piece.

5) Backtrack to ilo’s starting platform and use all three blocks to reach the platform on the far side,
near all the towering single-block spires. Travel up the carpets to the top of the spires, and continue to bridge your way (using all three blocks of course!) to milo’s platform. Unite.

Note: you will have to alternate your bridge blocks by first using the extend block, then the single block, followed by your second extend block. This ensures you can remove each block appropriately to make a path to the platform.

Sebastian’s Story 1

1) Use the left path. Use both carpets to the right of the path. Continue straight ahead until you are stopped by the monster block.

2) Switch to ilo. Take either path until you reach the monster block. Use it as a bridge to reach the adjacent section. Grab the single block and return across the monster block.

3) Switch to milo. Use the two carpets from earlier to distract the monster block to the opposite side.

4) Switch to ilo. Use your single block while standing on the extended monster block to bridge the gap to the next section. Turn around, grab the single block and take the path to the right.

5) After using the carpet, place the single block so that it forms a bridge between the cube you’re standing on and the cube touching the second single block.

6) Backtrack with both blocks in hand and place them so that milo can pick them up.

7) Switch to milo and use both blocks to cross the gap to the picture gallery piece. Position the bocks so that ilo can pick them up again. Walk over to the monster block to distract it.

8) Switch to ilo and use both single blocks to pick up the extend block. Use the extend block to cross the gap near the two carpets milo had used and utilize the carpets to unite.

Summer Mind - This level is easily the most difficult puzzle in chapter one and is almost as difficult to describe. Follow the video for a more detailed guide on how to complete this puzzle and collect its gallery pieces.

1) Start by using the carpet and walking left to pick up the single block. Return and place it in the gap in the vertical pillar.

2) Switch to milo, cross the bridged gap, turn around and grab the single block. Use the carpet, turn to the right and place the single block so that you can access the second single block.

3) Pick up the second single block and backtrack past the carpet and place the block directly in front of the cube protruding at the end of the section. Stack the other single block adjacent to the one you just placed.

4) Use the carpet in the center of the section and walk across the blocks you just placed. Pick them up and form a bridge to the nearby ledge with the carpet on it.

5) Pick up one of the blocks, use the carpet and take a right on the upper ring. Go past the first downward pillar you come to. Walk down the pillar with the third single block on top of it. Use both blocks to complete that pillar, connecting it to the section below.

6) Backtrack, grab the third block and head back to the pillar with the other two blocks. Use the carpet to stand on the side of the pillar and use all three blocks to form a bridge to the central section.

7) Drop all three blocks on ilo’s section.

8) Switch to ilo, grab a block and use the carpet immediately behind you. Use the blocks to form a bridge to the bottom ring of cubes. Use the carpet on the bottom ring to reach the picture gallery piece. Grab the nearby extend cube, use the carpet and walk back across the bridge you made out of single blocks.

9) Use the extend block in conjunction with a single block to bridge the entire pillar you’re standing on.

10) Pick up the extend block and travel back to the top ring. Now use the extend block on one of the incomplete pillars (just like you used single blocks in step 5) to reach the central section. Unite.