ilomilo walkthrough and achievement video guide

Like a cuddly puppy that takes a dump in your favorite pair of shoes, ilomilo is a cute little thing that will occasionally drive you crazy. If you’ve already given up trying to snag all the collectibles and complete some of the game’s more complex puzzles, we’re here to help. Our guide will help you get through the game and nab all the achievements along the way.

This guide is divided into four chapters, each containing 12 levels. Because ilomilo is a game in which direction is difficult to describe, the numbered steps in the text description match the appropriate video guide.

Note that these guides do not explain how to beat each level with the least possible moves. The focus here is collecting all safkas and picture / soundtrack gallery pieces.

Chapter 1


The Musician (20g)

This achievement is fairly easy and is completed in the main menu of the game. You’ll notice that each time you move the menu selection tool up or down, it plays a sound. The objective of this achievement is to move the selection tool in the menu so that its music plays in harmony with the song playing in the background. It’s fairly lenient even if you make a small mistake like the one at the beginning of the video.


Curly Branches

1) Grab the single block from the left and place it in the gap leading to the purple safka. Pick the single block up again and place it in the next gap to continue over to the yellow safka and a photo gallery piece.

2) Swich to milo and use the carpet to reach the green safka. Head back down, grab the single block and place it in the remaining gap to unite.


1) Use the carpets to reach the single block, which can then be used to reach the green safka. Proceed to the last block across from the plunger button.

2) Switch to ilo, use the carpet to reach the purple safka. Continue to the next pathway, using the carpets to pick up the soundtrack and picture gallery pieces, as well as the yellow safka. Finally, step on the plunger button to unite.

Airy Plains

1) Use the carpet immediately to your left to reach the yellow safka.

2) Switch to ilo and use the carpet to reach the soundtrack gallery piece. Continue to the large square section, using the various carpets to snag all the collectibles and picture gallery piece. Be sure to use the carpet to reach the bottom of the large square section with the windmill to reach the purple safka.

3) Travel along the final carpet path and pick up the single block. Place it in the gap so milo can reach the jump pad.

4) Switch to milo, use the jump pad and use the carpet to reach the green safka.

5) Switch back to ilo, grab the single block and place it in the gap behind you.

6) Again switch to milo, just the jump pad and follow the carpets to unite.

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