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How to beat Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran difficulty

With Infinity Ward’s CoD4 selling just shy of several squillion copies (or thereabouts) worldwide, a sequel was inevitable. And what a sequel it is! With more content than ever before, we want to make sure you frag your way through the hardest difficulty in style. So pick up that rifle and plant that C4, as we show you how to survive the single-player game on Veteran difficulty. Please note: this guide has story spoilers in the screenshots, so be careful if looking at our campaign guide.

Call of Duty is renowned for its stupidly difficult Veteran difficulty (infinite enemies and grenade spamming ahoy!) And whilst there’s none of that in the latest instalment, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier – you will die repeatedly. But if you follow the advice contained here, you should find your journey somewhat less frustrating and your Gamerscore/Trophy collection that little bit more, well, impressive. Check your ammo, it’s time to roll…

Act 1

Team Player

Be careful of the upper part of the broken bridge right at the start as a bunch of enemies will have a clean shot at your noggin if you’re not on top of them first (always lethal on Veteran).


Taking the stealth approach (especially on Veteran) makes your life tons easier. So stick tight to the left-hand side and let Soap snipe everyone who gets in your way (also bagging you an Achievement/Trophy too!)


This is punishing, and easily one of the toughest levels on Veteran difficulty, so remember to approach every single corner with caution and use your sights when edging around for a clearer view.

When your colleague jumps down into the streets, stay behind the dustbin up top. This will stop you from getting ripped to shreds in seconds. Pick the enemies off first and then jump down when it’s safer.

Act 2


Use plenty of smoke when you need to approach the tank; there’s an ammo box right near you, so don’t be afraid to let it all off to give yourself plenty of cover on your way to the diners.

Once the Predator missile is active spam the hell out of it! Quickly assess where you need to aim it and then press Fire to speed it up, allowing you to get off more shots and thus, kill more baddies.

The Hornet’s Nest

Take the right-hand route at the start, but be careful and take advantage of the gaps in cover to use scoped weapons for taking out as many enemies as you can. Just be careful you don’t get flanked.

Once again, be careful of the corners as many enemies will shoot you from the side if you’re not on your guard. Use flashbangs or grenades and bounce them around the corners where you can.


Stay behind the truck at the start and use the laser pointer to tell your tank gunner where to fire (even when inside a house). Use this as often as possible to soften the enemy up.

Use the tank to take out the choppers that appear ASAP to stop them dropping even more annoying troops into the battlefield. And don’t forget that you can also take choppers out with machine guns…

The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

Use a red-dot scoped gun when performing the breaches (where possible). You need as much line of sight as possible, also DON’T fire more than one shot per enemy as you’ll most likely set off the C4 behind them!

When you reach the area on the rig with the guys that pop all the smoke, stick to the left-hand side with a thermal-sighted automatic. Use flashbangs to give you a chance to clear out the mercs.

The Gulag

When you reach the armoury in the centre of the prison make it a priority to pick up a riot shield. Then simply sit in a crouched position in a corner with it held up to stop you getting killed.

Now keep the riot shield and when you breach the toilet area, use it to advance up the room, remembering to keep your back to the wall at all times (also use up your flashes/grenades here).

Of Their Own Accord

After reaching the fifth floor, plant ALL of your C4 and claymores around the entrance to the sniper rifle before using it. This will stop you from being shot in the back as you try and take out the choppers.