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Hour of Victory unloads screens

By infiltrating the enemy camp and battling our way through a continuous onslaught of machine gun fire we've managed to secure two new images of Midway's World War II shooter, Hour of Victory. Hit the Images tab to check them out.

As mentioned in our latest preview you have the choice to play as one of three soldiers as you fight your way through both European and North African battlefields during WWII, with the correct choice being vital to complete the overall objective.

It will be interesting to see whether this new approach adds enough change in direction to prevent Hour of Victory from becoming just anotherNazi killer, but rest assured we%26rsquo;ll be clambering into our camo gear and grabbing our rifles to bring you more intel in the very near future.

February 26, 2007

James Jarvis

Hi I'm James or JJ if you like, I'll answer to both. I'm the Head of Video here which means I've had at least a part in all the hot video content you'll find on the site (even if that part was just saying, yes that's a good video). Recently I'm getting to grips with looking after a puppy and trying to keep up with Fortnite challenges. The puppy is winning.