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Where to find all the pigments in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

It’s comforting that although Daemonic robots are roaming the land, a volcano in the distance is smoking ominously, and you risk getting frostbite every time you step outside, somehow you can still find art Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. Painted on the side of mountains and rocks jutting out from the landscape, the Banuk certainly love to have a bit of colour around. No wonder then that scattered around the map are nine pigments from around the Cut. Aloy needs to bring these pigments to an artist at Song’s Edge for a neat little reward. Here’s where to find them. 

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Set 1

Light Salt

Location: North of Song’s Edge, at a dyeing camp

Travel to the campfire that’s south of the Frostfigures Tallneck. Run south east until you see a large wooden watchtower; the dyeing camp’s right next to it. Go to where there are yellow bits of cloth hanging up, near the walkways that stretch across the water. Just behind this is a tall geyser with pale yellow colouring around the top, with the telltale purple diamond hovering above it. In here you’ll find the pigment.

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Medium Salt

Location: West of Stone Yield

First, travel to Stone Yield (if you haven’t cleared the bandit camp yet, there’s a campfire directly to the North for you to travel to instead). You’ll need to clear out the bandits before you can find this pigment. Once you’re done sowing death and destruction, head to the upper level where you fought the Bandit Leader. Clamber up the big spiky pile of detritus on the west side of the enclosure and fall down to the hot springs below the wall. In a tall geyser with a pale beige colour at the top you’ll find the pigment. 

Dark Salt

Location: South west of the two colourful hot springs (near the Trampler site)

Travel to the campfire east of the Dam (again). Head northeast to the hot springs. There’ll be Watchers and Longlegs milling about, so you might want to take care of them first. The pigment can be found in a tall geyser with pale yellow at the top on the side of the same hot springs that are being patrolled by robots. 

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Set 2

Light Crystal

Location: Centre of the map, by a Frostclaw site

Go to the campfire that’s north of the Frostfigures Tallneck and a bluegleam merchant. Travel north until you get to the sheer rock face and see the handholds leading upwards. You’ll end up at a tent and campfire. Head north towards the Frostclaw site (and be very, very careful). Sneak towards the rock platform that’s by the blue Banuk lanterns, and get to the top of it. At the top near some collectable herbs you’ll find the pigment in a hole in the rock formation. 

Medium Crystal

Location: North of the map, north of Stone Yield

Go to the campfire in the centre of the map, near the trampler site and the two colourful hot springs. Follow the north eastern road and after starting to climb a hill on your right you’ll see the ledges that lead up a rockface. Climb up these all the way to the top, where you’ll incidentally find some bluegleam. Run forwards more and climb up the next set of handholds, and wouldn’t you know, at the top there’s some more bluegleam. Follow the path that heads north along the edge of the mountain, and you’ll see the pigment in a hole in the rockface on your left. 

Dark Crystal

Location: South west of the Dam, on the top of a mountain range

Go to the campfire that’s east of the Dam. Head south until you run face-first into a mountain range. Run eastwards along it until you get to a gap between the two mountain ridges. Enter the gap and you’ll see a zipwire and tall rocky column straight in front of you. Climb up the column, and jump over to the western ridge using the handholds in the rock. Clamber up all the way to the top (the next set of hand holds is on the other side of the zipwire, so be careful when you jump around it). Climb up and around to the west, following the path along the side of the mountain. Keeping going up until you get to the very top - you’ll pass several Banuk paintings on your way.  At the pinnacle there’s a hole in the rock outlined in pale yellow, in which you’ll find the pigment. 

Set 3

Light Oxide

Location: On the Shaman’s Path on the way to Ourea’s Retreat

You’ll need to collect this one during The Shaman’s Path quest for ultimate efficiency. Go to the rope bridge you pushed down that’s just in front of the water-operated bridge. Climb down it, and head over the walkway. Follow the walkways around the stone column until you’re beside the waterfall. There’ll be a lootable supply crate on the right side of the pigment, which is on a rock that’s coloured a bright yellow. 

Medium Oxide

Location: South east of the map, east of a Stalker site

Travel to Longshot. Follow the road west, and take the path that goes along the northern side of the lake. When you’re almost at the far western edge of the lake, go down to the shoreline. Walk along it until you see the pigment, which is along the rocky bank in a tall geyser with a pale orange top.

Dark Oxide

Location: South west of the ruins, near a ice fishing camp

Teleport to the campfire that’s just west of a Scorcher site in the western part of the map (it’s also southwest of a Longleg site). Follow the road North until you get to the iced-over lake, where the fishing camp is. Go directly to the west of the lake, following the road up the slight slope. Keep your eyes to the right and you’ll see a rock with a rusty-coloured top in front of some ordinary stone. Loot it and you’ll find the pigment.

Go to the special merchant in Song’s Edge - she’s just north of the bluegleam merchant - to hand in the pigments. You’ll have to climb very far up a wooden structure to get near her, but in return she’ll paint you a nice picture...on the side of a god damn mountain. Pretty sweet if you ask me.