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History of Online Gaming infographic full of surprises

Head to the Silver Oak Online Casinos website, and you’ll find a number of posts related to games of chance. But recently, the site posted a surprisingly exhaustiveinfographic (opens in new tab)detailing the history of online gaming. The list counts peer-to-pear and local networked games, beginning with 1973’s Empire and ending with the controversial Duke Nukem Forever.

As the author points out, it’s incredible that so many titles featured early versions of what we currently accept as multiplayer before the internet - as we know it today - even existed. Although theauthor does not make any claims that the list offers a “complete” history of online gaming, readers are invited to let him know about any favorites that are missing in the article’scomment section (opens in new tab). You can click on the image below to see the full-sized version of the infographic in all its glory. Be warned, though. The infographic is about 4 megs in size and may take a while to load in your browser.

Click on the image below for the full-sized infographic

Image By Silver Oak Online Casinos

Jul 19, 2011

Thanks Sean!