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Here's the Xbox One games to get during this week's Deals With Gold in the US

It may not be officially summer yet, but with the weather turning warmer, the grass growing longer, and grills getting smokier, it's still a great time to relax and kick your feet up. Speaking of which, Microsoft has a huge selection of top-tier games on sale this week for US-based gamers thanks to Deals With Gold, and I've gone ahead and curated the best to help you out.

Below, you'll find a list of the best Xbox One games on sale from today until May 30. If you haven't heard of a game or want to know more, click on the title to be taken to our review, or just enjoy a sample from said review summarizing our thoughts. Don't like my list? Or maybe you're looking for Xbox 360 games instead? No problem. If you want to see all the deals, head over to this page or fire up your console.

Fallout 4 was $60, now 35% off: "For all the missions, quests and other stuff Fallout 4 contains, by far the most important things in it are the decisions I’ve made. Few games nail a feeling of total freedom and this is an experience made of nothing but that."

Outlast was $25, now 50% off: " Making expert use of lighting, shadows, and sound-effects, this survival-horror will have you fearing for the unsettling darkness one minute and running into it for safety the next. Each step you take gradually builds tension--creating a sense of impending doom, even--which explodes when you least expect it and makes for a torturously gratifying experience."

Rocket League was $20, now 15% off: "The enclosed arena keeps things moving, always, and comes to represent just how satisfying and neatly locked in all of Rocket League’s mechanisms are. Play it enough and it’s like existing in that capsule. Your body is a car now. You drink gasoline and fart fire."

Shovel Knight was $15, now 33% off: "It’s a journey through totally unique stages topped off by one-of-a-kind bosses, with fun power-ups and platforming along the way. And it’s a journey through retro nostalgia, reminding us of a time when games and stories were simple yet fun."

The Banner Saga was $20, now 33% off: "Part tactical RPG, part Oregon Trail, and part depression simulator, The Banner Saga offers a rewarding journey drenched in misery. ... Where many games task you with saving the world, The Banner Saga makes it clear that a handful of heroes can't do much when a million enemies are knocking at their doorstep."

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut was $40, now 50% off: "From your Rages to your Metro 2033s, all the way up to, and perhaps most potently, the Fallouts, the first Wasteland can be said to have influenced them all. ... Even as its progenitor did way back when, there’s a unique blend of survival combat here which others could and should learn from."

Sam Prell
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