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Here's how you transfer your PS4 content to your PS4 Pro

Saying goodbye to your old PS4 can be an emotional moment. But hey, don't worry! Thanks to Sony's carefree transfer system, getting all your data from your old console onto your brand new PS4 Pro is easy-peasy. We promise. The one thing to consider is when you're going to initiate the transfer, as it'll take quite a long time to copy everything over. It's best to do it overnight, when you're sleeping soundly in your bed. But that's just our opinion. Have a read below to see exactly how to get your shiny new console up and running. 

Make sure both your new PS4 Pro and your PS4 are connected to the internet

First off, make sure you've connected your PS4 Pro to your TV, switched it on, and signed into PSN. Your old PS4 should be powered on, but doesn't need to be connected to a screen. 

They can be connected either via WiFi, or to your router using an ethernet cable. You'll need to keep a spare ethernet cable handle for one of the next steps. 

Head into the settings menu

In the PS4 Pro settings menu you'll find the "Transfer Data from Another PS4" option. Click that to get started. You'll see a splash screen telling you what you can and can't transfer, specifically users and settings, games and saved data, screenshots and video clips.

Connect both your new PS4 Pro and your old PS4 to your router with ethernet cables, or connect them to each other with just one ethernet cable

There's one of two ways you can do this next bit. Either you can use that spare ethernet cable we mentioned above to connect the PS4 Pro and your old PS4. Or you can connect them both to the router using one ethernet cable each. The transfer process is identical, so it's really up to you which method you use. Just make sure they're both turned on, ok?

Hit next and your PS4 Pro will start looking. 

Once your Pro finds your old PS4 you'll need to press the power button on the old console for one second to identify it. 

Once the Pro finds your original PS4 it'll clarify the accounts being copied over, and tell you you'll need to sync your trophy data afterwards. 

Decide what you want to copy over

Once you've identified the PS4 and accounts you want to copy, you'll have the option of selecting what you actually want to transfer. Chances are you'll take everything, but in case you want a choice you can pick and choose between games, saved data, capture, themes and settings. 

Then it'll ask you if you want to activate your PS4 Pro as your primary PS4. Select yes. If there are multiple users, select the ones you want this to be the primary PS4 for. 

Finally: wait

You'll have to wait a while depending on how much stuff you have to transfer. In my case I had 350GB to copy over so, with an estimated time of nine hours, I left it running over night. Don't forget that your PS4 controller will switch off in that time.

In the morning I switched the PS4 Pro on and everything was there, right down to settings changes I'd made to the Share button and the wrong time from when I was trying to trigger hidden endings in the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo. All perfectly copied over, ready for you to start enjoying your new PS4 Pro console.

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