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Here’s 14 gifs that prove Agony is already the most horrific game of 2017

11. Gently waking up an old man...

...then smashing him to bits. This shows you what it’s like to possess a demon - noticeably more brutal than controlling a frail human wandering through the fleshy wastes. 

12. What the hell is that?

That person has too many arms. Though that’s probably the idea. And are those iron maidens? 

13. Take a deep breath (it'll be your last)

Ah, witnessing a suffocation first hand. Lovely. 

14. How are you still looking at these gifs?

I saved the worst till last (congratulations on getting this far). That’s one way to fill in a gap in the wall...

Here’s a puppy gif as a reward for finishing reading this list. Bravo.