Here’s 14 gifs that prove Agony is already the most horrific game of 2017

Okay, before you read further, consider this a SERIOUS GORE WARNING. If you have a thing about blood, ripped up bodies, babies, or teeth, stop reading right now. Do not scroll down. Do not watch the gifs. You have been warned.

Agony. Sounds like a charming game, doesn’t it? You play a happy fairy who rides unicorns on her way to the Candy Palace and… no, not really. Set in Hell, Agony is an upcoming game for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You play a wandering soul with the power to possess suffering sinners and demons, and your ultimate aim is find the Red Goddess who is rumoured to have created Hell (and make her tell you how to get out). As a stealth-horror, you’ll have to hide from demons as you make your way through the world, but don’t worry if one catches you: death is part of the game. Once you’ve been freed from one body you can easily possess another.

Along the way there’s all kinds of horrific sights to see. I’ve rounded up the bits where Agony goes way too far and made me seriously consider how much effort it would take to erase watching the demo from my memory. So sit back, maybe get a vomit bucket ready, and see what Agony’s all about. 

1. Flesh staircase

Welcome to Agony. Forget bricks, stone, or mortar - everything here is made out of flesh. Mmm, squishy. 

2. Demon SMASH

I wonder what that poor person said to annoy Mr Demon so much?

3. Hide and seek, anyone?

Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic - and try to remember that if you hold your breath for too long, you’ll probably pass out. 

4. Stained glass windows...

...made out of humans. What a daring interior design choice. 

5. What lovely statues

One of them is even frozen mid-strangulation. Somehow I’m imagining they didn’t pose for these statues, as they look awfully realistic...

6. Just a completely normal dining room

I have a question: what the hell was that black spectre that just leaped out the window? Were the innards being served on that boney table really that bad?

7. Is that...a baby?

Yeah, so this is… yeah. Agony doesn’t shy away from taboos, in case you haven’t gathered that by now. 

8. Teeth doorways galore

These molars would send even a dentist running for the hills, probably because they look like they might slam shut and chew you up. 

9. Cleaning up bodies

Don’t worry, I bet he’s being hauled to the doctor right now. Ignore the munching sounds. They’re probably irrelevant.

10. Look up

Once again, Agony has no chill. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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