Hands-on with Gran Turismo HD Concept

Recently released on Sony's PlayStation Network, Gran Turismo HD Conceptis finally here - although almost nothing has changed since Gran Turismo 4 hit thePS2. But it does feature a brand new circuit, the stunning Eiger Nordwand, a course nestled in crisp, Alpine terrain and shadowed by snow-capped mountains.

Initially, you've only onevehicle to cruise in - a Suzuki Cappuccino. By nailing a record lap in the game's time trial mode, you can unlock nine more cars, from Mitsubishi Lancers to a gorgeous Ferrari 599, as well as a drift trial mode and a reverse version of the course.

To give you an idea of what to expect from GT's latest destination, we've leapt into the Ferrari 599 and put together a drive-through photo shoot - with info and driving tips for every significant point on the track.