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Halo 4 multiplayer guide


Oh Valh…err, we mean Ragnarok. Yes, Halo 4 does feature one map remake from Halo 3, but boy does it come back with a bang. Ragnarok, formerly known as Valhalla, is a large-scaled map that spans a number of gameplay modes. It’s design favours ranged gameplay, and can be traced back to the original Halo’s Blood Gulch (i.e. two bases, and a central path in that runs in the middle). Ragnarok is also one of the few maps to introduce the Mantis: a deadly mech that can one hit kill anyone in its path. Valhalla is back and boy does it look and play better than ever.

Power Weapons

Spartan Laser
The spartan laser rests on the cliff in the middle of the map that overhands the creek.

Other Weapons

Sniper Rifle x 2
Random Drop Weapons


Mongoose x 4
Warthog x 2
Ghost x 2

Gameplay Tips

As we hinted above, Ragnarok pushes you to vehicular combat, and to be honest, it’s much more exhilarating that way. If you chose this path, be aware of air opponents, as Banshee’s delivering damage seems to have been improved in Halo 4. Those who persist on playing a ground attack should hug the left or right walkways, as the middle creek will feature heavy fire from Warthogs, Mantis’, and Banshees combined. Whether you’re playing an objective match or Slayer variant, we advice that you go with either the battle rifle or DMR, based simply of the size of the map alone.

Ragnarok also hosts an excellent camping position to the right of the cliff that overlooks the creek. You can actually get under the downed vehicle and shoot enemies whose attention will likely be drawn elsewhere. Remember, headshots will deplete health much faster than body shots, oh, and don’t shoot the Mantis with your primary weapon (just trust us on that one).

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